Pushing the Boundaries with Flock Wallpaper

Flock wallpaper has been around for many decades. Originally invented to imitate cut velvet fabric hangings as far back as the 17th Century; using ‘flock’ – a waste product of the woollen cloth industry, which came in powdered form. Today ‘flock’ is typically man-made fibres of nylon or polyester.

Flocking is the process of adding short, tiny fibres to the wallpaper surface to create an even, velvety surface.

The technique creates opulent, indulgent and stylish wallpapers. Bringing a 3D-feel to patterns and motives and really giving your walls and home that wow factor!

1838 Wallcoverings are pushing the boundaries by adding flock over an existing pattern creating a range of Faversham designs; part of the Avington collection. The Faversham designs merge two printing methods. The precision of computer generated digital print, integrated with traditional, flock printing techniques create a wallpaper that is truly unique. Faversham is available in five colourways from subtle naturals to dramatic blues all on a light reflecting mica background.

Faversham Flock Wallpaper in production at 1838 Wallcoverings

Flock wallpaper can work well in almost any room in the house, especially on accent walls or in hallways and dining rooms. Are you ready to make a real design statement by adding textures and excitement? Just be prepared for people flocking to touch and feel your walls! The large variety of colours, patterns and motives cannot fail to impress.



1838 Wallcoverings are available nationally and internationally through a network of independent distributors.

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