How To

Wallpapering is a lot easier than most people think! Here we’ve brought together our handy guides and tips to make wallpapering your room a breeze with 1838.

All 1838 wallpapers are “paste the wall” making them quick and easy to hang. Paste the wall simply means that rather than pasting the back of the paper, you apply paste directly to the wall. There is no need for a huge pasting table and no soaking time required, so it’s quicker and less messy than standard wallpaper and beats painting too! Once you’ve used “paste the wall” wallpaper, you won’t want to go back.

Preparing for Wallpaper

How to prepare for wallpaper Like most DIY tasks, the...

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How to wallpaper round light switches and plug sockets

How to wallpaper around light switches and plug sockets Thinking...

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