At the heart of 1838 is a celebration of design and craftsmanship.

A luxury brand manufacturing all wallpapers at our factory in Lancashire, England.

The name evokes the deep roots of wallpaper innovation for 1838 was the year the first wallpaper machine was pioneered, just a few miles away from the factory.

A family owned business, 1838 Wallcoverings is led by brother and sister team James and Abigail Watson, whose family has over 4 generations of wallpaper printing experience.


PAVILION Exploring heritage looks with a modern twist.

WILLOW Nature is too beautiful to be kept outside.

ELODIE Captivating and luxurious Art Deco collection.

MURALS Dramatic scale florals, geometrics and scenes.

CAPRI Inspired by the sun and lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

AURORA Captures the intriguing elements of an island getaway.

CAMELLIA Painterly florals, trailing leaves, stripes and geometrics.

AVINGTON Drawing inspiration from English stately homes.

ROSEMORE Soft leaf trails, rambling florals, hazy woodland scenes.


1838 collections are a beautiful blend of heritage wallpaper printing and the latest digital printing techniques.

Surface printing is a heritage technique and forms patterns that look as though they have been painted by hand. Digitally printed wallpapers offer unlimited colours and dramatic large scale designs.

Select patterns are adorned with lavish, velvety flocks, glistening beads, high sheen foils, contemporary metallics and textured inks, bringing them to life to form unique interiors.

On occasion, designs are carefully selected from our wallpaper archive, reimagined and recoloured, ensuring the character of the original document is maintained.


It was in Lancashire in the North of England that the true and lasting method of wallpaper printing was pioneered.

1838 was the year that Charles Potter with the help of his brother Harold and a foreman machine printer Walmsley Preston, applied themselves to adapting the principals of the calico printing machine to the requirements of wallpaper production, creating the revolutionary Surface Print machine.

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